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                   About Dichen International Inc.

Dichen International is a factory direct importer and wholesaler for natural stone products. We have the hottest marble tile, mosaics, design accents & trim in today’s market. Dichen Int. also known as “ Dijon” has a goal of “ High Quality Standards” & the best comparable prices in the market.

Our factory supplier conducts product design and the fabrication of marble tiles, marble slab, mosaics, natural slate, and different types of special-shaped stone. In addition, the factory has good supply capacity to meet large batch quantity requirements. 

Currently there are over stone products both from China and foreign available to worldwide customers, such as Italian White Carrara, Crema Marfil,Nero Marquina,Emperador Dark, Asian White Carrara, Thassos White, Spanish Grey, etc.

We are looking forward to helping your company grow your business and achieve the highest customer satisfaction possible, quality, pricing and fast service including deliveries and project support. 

Dichen International will promote the business model to a higher level. From 2018, in addition to the existing business segment of basic building material, the company is expanding its new business segments.

  1. Distributing Boloni/Kuhlmann whole-house custom products

  2. Selling Sanitary Products through E-Commerce